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Jeremy Conaway

Jeremy Conaway

President, RECON Intelligence Services


Jeremy Conaway is a recognized and leading expert in the field of real estate brokerage, association and MLS design, and a leading source of strategic and tactical ideas and applications for the real estate industry. He is a nationally known speaker, author, and facilitator. He has created business plans, strategic campaigns, and tactical objectives for some of the top companies in the real estate services industry. His articles are regularly published in a number of national journals.

Jeremy has been involved in the real estate industry in many capacities for over twenty years. As legal counsel he has served in a variety of roles including closing counsel, real estate association counsel, and brokerage counsel.

As a speaker, Jeremy delivers high-energy, dynamic, and thought provoking presentations. He provides the most comprehensive, current, and well-researched information on the industry issues and trends. His audiences consistently rate his programs and his delivery as excellent, insightful, interesting, with a fantastic sense of humor.

As a brokerage design consultant, Jeremy works with some of the largest real estate firms in the North American brokerage industry, with more than 80,000 agents producing over $95 billion in annual sales. His counsel and expertise is constantly sought by many of his brokerage clients that are now leading their marketplaces into the new real estate transaction. Jeremy believes that today’s real estate brokerage can and will remain at the center of the real estate interaction. He is committed to the success of the real estate brokerage services.

As an association design consultant, Jeremy works with many of the leading REALTOR® associations in the country. Jeremy serves as the architect and facilitator of the Innovation Connection, a joint venture of over twenty five REALTOR® associations with over 75,000 members that is on track to fulfill a vital mission by introducing the concepts of “Co-opetition” to the brokerage and association communities. Jeremy and his association clients are proving that today’s real estate industry opportunities and potentials can best be realized through REALTOR® associations.

As a fellow member of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Jeremy was formally a member of the staffs of the California Legislature, the United States Senate and the Connecticut Legislature. He received his bachelor’s degree from California State University, his MBA from the University of Maryland and his Juris Doctorate from the University of the Pacific.

Jeremy has a clear vision of the future of the real estate industry and a strong sense of where real estate brokers, association executives and MLS leaders must position themselves today to enjoy the benefits of tomorrow.

Supporting Jeremy, in his service to clients, is a team that includes specialists in research, planning, strategy, financial analysis, generativity, human resources, survey development and implementation, marketing and leadership development.


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